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Family Safety Happy Hour Workshop

An injured baby is the worst fear of every parent

This Infant Safety & CPR workshop provides the vital knowledge & skills YOU need to respond with confidence to a life-threatening situation with your infant. We’ll talk in detail about car seats, childproofing, and making safe sleep choices, with hands-on practice stations to give you the experience you need and the confidence you want.

This class emphasizes safe choices & practical solutions


  • Know Better, Do Better: Making Safe Choices for Your Family

  • Infant CPR & Breathing Emergencies with Hands-On Practice

  • Understanding Car Seat Safety

  • Making Your Home a Safe Place

  • PMADs, Resources, and Accessing Care

  • Safety Library Review and Q+A


Keeping Your Baby Safe is Our Business


Classes in Your Home

Bring the nannies, the grands, the neighbors, and the besties. We’re going to get everyone to expert-level in just a couple hours with the benefit of answering all the questions and dispelling all the myths. Included:

  • Comprehensive in-home class for up to eight (8) folks;

  • All supplies and materials needed;

  • 90-Day Access to the Family Safety Library

  • One-month of text/email concierge support after birth



Family Safety Pop-Ups

These no-cost community events are a great opportunity to observe baby-care demonstrations that put your family’s safety first, including:

  • Bathing, Diapering, Grooming

  • Bottle & Pump Parts Washing Station

  • CPR & Breathing Emergencies Demo

  • Car Seat Safety

  • Safe Sleep for Infants

  • Family Water Safety

  • CPST Car Seat Installation Support



Community Workshops

With affordable, accessible classes in a neighborhood near you, there’s no reason not to start making safe choices for your growing family today.

$35 per student includes:

  • Hands-On Practice Stations

  • Car Seat Installation Support Appointment

  • Family Safety Library Access

  • Happy Hour Nosh & Thirst Quenchers


Safe Choices

Practical Solutions

Expert Support

We really didn’t know what choices would put our family at risk… We showed up thinking we just needed to learn CPR but left with so much more. From where my daughter would sleep safely when we got home from the birth center, to knowing I had someone on speed dial if things got rough for my wife, I felt like we were prepared for the adventure… and I knew I was ready to keep my girls safe.
— A+R (Fort Worth, TX)

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