Parenting Education for Your Modern Family

The experienced Doulas of North Texas family educators are a seasoned team providing evidence-based information and hands-on practice in a non-judgmental, inclusive, engaging environment that honors the unique needs of your dynamic family. For more than fifteen years, hundreds of families, physicians, and providers have trusted our childbirth and parenting classes, postpartum and newborn care workshops, and community safety events to connect with the evidence-based and experience-tested tools you need to be confident for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting. We offer community classes all over the country and private classes where it’s most convenient for you, with monthly classes in Aledo, Burleson, Denton, Fort Worth, and Houston. Keep reading to learn more about what physicians and parents alike call “the best classes out there to prepare you for pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and parenting!”

babyPREP - The Comprehensive Parenting Education Series for Your Modern Family

This birth and parenting preparation series covers all the skills, information, and insight you need to start off right with a new baby. Kicking off this powerful parenting readiness series, Your Best Birth with Barbara Davis, the wildly popular evidence-based childbirth preparation class, is just the beginning. We know everyone's got their very best suggestions and intentions when you Welcome Home, bebe! and that you need to find your own voice, so we follow up with the only postpartum and newborn care workshop in town to provide the tools and resources your family needs to navigate the developmental milestones and the practical management of the postpartum transition with confidence. The most popular class in this series prepares you for the best while working through the worst case scenarios: Infant Safety, CPR, and family emergencies are planned for, practiced out, and expertly managed  in Family Safety Happy Hour with veteran Red Cross Trainer Ashley Coones - and we promise you've never had more fun being safe than this entertaining and engaging workshop! Finessing your way through the first year includes feeding your baby with ease and confidence, thoroughly and objectively facilitated by staff IBCLC Dr. Michelle Parker with the final class in the baby PREP series Breastmilk, Bottles, and Balancing Motherhood - the only workshop of its kind to address the expectations, challenges, and practical applications of all methods of infant feeding, auxiliary support, and returning to work.

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Welcome Home, bebe!

This Newborn Care & Parenting workshop starts with the magical hour following your infant’s birth and tackles the details and expectations of the first year of your baby’s life. Exploring the Mind-Body Connection, Developmental Milestones, and Practical Management of your new family, this detailed lecture and discussion includes hands-on practice stations that prepare you to rock your postpartum recovery and with calm, comfort, and confidence.

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Family Safety Happy Hour

An injured baby is the worst fear of every parent. This Infant Safety & CPR workshop provides the vital knowledge & skills YOU need to respond with confidence to a life-threatening situation with your infant.

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Your Best Birth with Barb Davis

A modern approach to childbirth education and voted BEST BIRTH CLASS IN FORT WORTH by readers of Fort Worth Child Magazine, this is the laid-back and super-smart birth class you’ve been looking for. Presenting evidence-based information and perfect for all birth plans, this engaging afternoon prepares you with confidence and skill to welcome your best birth.

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